Sunday, June 4, 2017

I'm vegan.... but before you judge me, here's why

I know right? Freaking weird. But seriously, don't judge, just keep reading...

This post is a recap of the last 4-5-ish months of being vegan and my experience transitioning to a man, I mean to a vegan diet, learning, and of course not telling anyone because vegans are weirdos and I didn't want to be lumped in with them. 

The amount of hesitation in posting this was ridiculous and I don't know why because I really don't care what anyone thinks of me being vegan. I don't want this to come across as a "look at me I'm a vegan and if you aren't you are stupid" blog, but I definitely want people to know that it isn't as weird or extreme as the media (is it the media? I actually have no idea) makes it seem. It's doable, it's rewarding, it's healthy, and it's basically the answer I didn't know I was looking for. It's one of the most empowering, self-esteem-building, and dare I say spiritual things I've ever done! Every day I see new benefits and I can't keep it hidden anymore. 

And if you want to stop reading now because you "could never give up cheese!" then you really must keep reading. 

I'm also writing this post mostly for convenience than anything because as my friends learn I am vegan, they have some of the same questions. I thought instead of repeating everything over and over again, it made sense to write it all here and that way, people can reference this post in the future. 

This is not intended to change your religion or take away your meatloaf, it's just to show that normal people can be vegan without being FREAKING ANNOYING about it, and you can let people be vegan without accusing them of being dumb, or treehuggers, or misguided, or "protein deficient" (spoiler alert, protein deficiency isn't a thing). Anyway, here it goes....

"Vegans can't be trusted!" - Elizabeth Jenkins

It's true that I have said this phrase many times, poking fun at the "weirdos" who only eat rabbit food, don't shower, and lose all their friends because they shame everyone who eats animal products. I am THE LAST person I would ever expect to go vegan. My bestie Amanda has been vegetarian/vegan for the last 8 years and not once did it cross my mind to change the way I think about food. I ate meat in all it's forms and I ordered my steak BLEEDING and COLD from any restaurant who would serve it to me the way I wanted, which probably risked a health code violation or two. My mom grew up on a farm, for crying out loud, and any meal without meat was considered merely an appetizer. The amount of money I spent on CHEESE alone is comical and probably warranted it's own monthly budget entirely. Then one day, one of my favorite youtubers posted this video, and it changed my life forever, and I followed a rabbit hole of discovery and basically went vegan overnight. Here is that video:

Sarah Norse Video:

After watching this video, I thought "How could one youtube video make these people go vegan over night? I don't believe that is possible, I must watch it." So I did.

This is the video Sarah and Mathias reference in the above video:

If you watch this Gary Yourofsky speech, you will not be able to UNSEE it. It honestly cut me to my core. I was so overwhelmed that I sat in my room and cried for a good hour thinking about how horribly lied to we all are and how BLIND I had been. I cried for the animals and for the disease our diet is causing, and also for how bad I felt about thinking vegans were stupid tree huggers without jobs or friends.  I hated that I didn't know this information sooner. I knew there was no going back to eating the typical American diet, and that I also knew I couldn't tell anyone about it because I would be made fun of or ridiculed for my choice to not eat animal products.

I mustered up the courage to tell my mom that I watched this video and that I didn't think I could eat meat anymore. It was like I was coming out of the vegan closet.  She wanted to know what movie I watched and wanted to watch it too. She had a similar reaction.

Then we watched this documentary on Netflix: Forks over Knives.

I appreciated this movie because it highlighted a lot of the health benefits to being vegan while the Gary Yourofsky speech was more about the animal cruelty and overall corruption in the food industry. It's incredibly informational and helpful and encouraging!

Then I basically went on a research spree and read and watched everything I could find about a vegan diet and how eating plant-based, micronutrient-dense foods, could change my life forever. I found this great video on youtube that helped me feel like this was possible and I could do it. She swears some, but its worth it:

The Colorful Vegan:

Anyway, this is the rabbit hole I followed to veganism and I LOVE IT. I can't tell you how amazing I feel, how much energy I have, how AMAZING MY POOPS ARE, and how I don't foresee ever going back to the typical American diet ever ever again. The peace I feel when I eat, the stress and anxiety I DON'T FEEL... omg I could go on and on and on...Of course I will never be one of those "I can't eat that, I'm vegan" vegans. I will simply just try and make the best choice I can in the moment, and obviously, mistakes happen, and sometimes butter happens too. It's not about being 100% compliant, but for me it's about being 100% aware of what I am eating and doing my best to avoid animal products. For example, I have a fabulous leather purse from Madewell and that's not going anywhere. 

The benies really are UNREAL.
FOR ONE, as a female, I've spent most of my life limiting the calories I eat to prevent getting fat. Our bodies aren't designed to thrive off a calorie restricted diet. I love being able to eat as much as a I want, whenever I want, as long as it's vegan, whole, and nutrient dense, WITHOUT GETTING FAT! I've actually lost weight and I've been eating MORE. What more could a girl ask for!? But let's not be stupid, you don't get to do this with Oreos, which, by the way, are vegan. 

Some may say this lifestyle is extreme. What is so extreme about plants? To me it seems pretty extreme to murder an innocent cow, cut their ribs out, rub them in some seasoning, and then throw them on the BBQ and then eat them... but every one's definition of extreme can be different. And oh how I used to love a good rib...dripping in caramelized sauce with fall-off the bone goodness...but you can't tell me eating plants is more extreme than that...

Throughout this journey, I've also really been wondering why there aren't more vegan Mormons? It's practically against the religion's culture to be vegan, but IN THE SCRIPTURES it very plainly says don't eat animals unless there isn't anything else to eat, like in times of famine... I mean, I'm not a scriptorian, but you can read it for yourself here:

I could talk FOREVER about this, but I don't want to. Talking about what you eat is pretty boring. It's worse than listening to someone talk about their workout.  NO ONE CARES

Thanks for reading this and if you have questions, I am happy to answer them, but I'll be honest, googling them will probably get you better answers. 

Going vegan not for you? That's cool, I get it. I was the same exact way.  Carry on, friend. I won't judge you.

Don't want to go vegan but want to eat less meat and more vegetables? That's awesome. Did you know that not eating a pound of beef saves as much water as not showering for a WHOLE YEAR? See, even one meatless meal can make a difference. 

To end, here is a quote from my leeeeeeezzbian lover,  Ellen:

“I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer.” -Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen, if you are reading this, I could probably become a lesbian for you. Just throwing it out there. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thoughts on Inauguration Day 2017

A lot has changed over the last 8 years. I've changed a lot. I didn't vote for President Obama in either one of his victories, and 8 years ago today I had similar feelings that I have today; uncertainty, confusion and defeat. I am sad the Obamas are moving out of the White House and even more sad Donald J Trump is moving in. I hope when it's Trump's time to leave the White House, that I will have other similar feelings that I have today; gratitude, respect, and a desire to be a better citizen. #thanksobama only really, and not sarcastically.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Looking Back on 2016

2016 was a wild ride. I knew it would be, but I didn't quite know what I was getting into when I rang in the new year last NYE.  While many people lost loved ones this year and suffered unimaginable heartache, I must say my year was one of significant CHANGE. I love change, so in my opinion, it has been awesome.

Nothing too exciting happened other than bunch of work work work....

My bestie Amanda came to visit me in Denver and we spent Valentine's day together and her boyfriend didn't even mind!
I went to PDX for a business plan competition with Adidas which was a super awesome experience.

I got a new nephew! Jack Oliver Jenkins was born on March 11, and he's the cutest. I love him so much.
Work was super busy... werk werk werk

Found out my job with Adidas was ending and began trying to find out what to do with my life.
Took a trip to Utah to see friends
Went to Boston to work the Boston Marathon - so cool!
Went to sales meeting in Arizona with the adidas crew, super fun!

When to Chicago for a work event. I love Chicago.
Went to Utah for my cousin Maria's wedding.
Moved home to Reno to finish up the last few months of work with adidas, and started making plans to go to nursing school!

Not a lot happened this month, other than just a lot of conference calls, a lot of job hunting,
the WORST job interview of my LIFE (no, really, it's horrible), and a lot of sitting around the house bored.
I did get to go to San Fransisco and Pacifica to see family, pick up my sister and meet my new nephew for the first time, and bought a kombucha scoby from a stranger on the internet, then quickly lost any appetite for Kombucha...

Officially ended my employment with adidas.
Went to Utah for 2.5 weeks to get my CNA certification and was able to crash with Amanda and Emily. It was such a great time, although the course was a bit rocky at first.
Attended my good friend Dani and Dave's wedding in Utah in the Bountiful Temple and it was one of the most incredible experiences. It was magical.
Got to spend some time with Jessee before she moved to Japan :( I don't want to talk about it.

Took and passed my exams for my CNA certification!
Attended my dear Great Aunt Cy's funeral in Fallon, Nevada.
Started school at Truckee Meadows Community College for pre-nursing prereqs. Going back to school was insanely fun. I loved all my classes so much!

Lots of job hunting

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch with Jenny and her girls, my adopted nieces.
Voted for Hillary Clinton and was sad when she lost, but hopeful we will not all be speaking Russian soon.
Lots of mid-terms for school, aced them all!

Took a tip to Ohio to see Allie, Brady and Jack, Jesse, Sarah, and their kids too.
Went to BYU Cincinnati football game with the whole family, so fun!
Organized a service auction for my singles ward and we raised over $3000 for families in need!
Allie, Brady and Jack came to Reno for Thanksgiving and I got to watch Jack for a day and a night while they took an overnight date to Tahoe. I love that baby!
Lots of job hunting STILL.

Finals are not fun.
Got a 4.0 this semester, but the grade I'm most proud of is my A in chemistry! I LOVE CHEMISTRY!!
Jesse, Sarah and the kids came to Reno for Christmas and we had a blast!
Brad, Kendal, Izzy and Sebastian came to go sledding and to Circus Circus.
New Years Even was spent at dinner with my friend Noelle, and then I went to bed at 10:30. Bliss.

2017 will be just as awesome. I will be applying to nursing programs, hopefully getting IN to a nursing program, and kicking butt at it, and studying a lot and trying not to get too fat on Taco Bell.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Things we as Women of the LDS Faith, and Members of the Church in General, SHOULD be Protesting:

This post is religious in nature and contains potentially offensive language and commentary. My favorite.

Conference is around the corner so the “Ordain Women” homegirls are at it again, demanding they receive the Priesthood. Whether it’s a lack of tact, or lack of caring, I’m just going to come right out and say how I feel. I think these women are misguided, confused, annoying and they really piss me off. I refuse to be bullied into pretending that I kindly and passively respect them and their actions. And, if they have so much time on their hands to “change something”, how about they actually protest things worth protesting… like…

  1. No more closing songs (or rest hymns)! Can’t we just say the prayer so we can get the hell out of there?!
  2. No more Sunday School! No one listens anyway!
  3. No more nylons on women younger than 65. Please, for the love.
  4. No more passing of binders or clipboards in class!
  5. No more “Mormon Mommy Photo-blog-ographers”! Owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer. I blame self proclaimed photographers for the JCPenny financial crisis.
  6. Instead of bread for the Sacrament, why not jerky? It actually makes a lot more sense. And it’s delicious. (I’ll probably go to hell for that)
  7. No more fake flowers in the church.
  8. No more “New Beginnings” -every beginning is new, so why do we have to do this EVERY YEAR?
  9. No more prickly wall carpet. Whose idea was that? “I know, let’s put NEEDLES all over the wall!”
  10. No more cleaning the church! With the budget saved from slashing New Beginnings and by cutting church time by ⅓, we can afford to hire cleaners!
  11. No more “Open Mic”. Testimonies should be submitted in writing before permission to approach the pulpit will be granted.  
  12. No more hot dads with ugly wives! It kills us single people. KILLS us.
  13. More hot women with less than attractive men. Help the single hotties come to grips with what the real future holds.
  14. No more creepy hospital curtains in the mother’s lounge. In fact, no more mother’s lounges! I want to see all the boobies in the chapel. Isn’t that another thing women want, freedom to feed? “Feedom”?
  15. No more complaining about how your husband/wife/job/house/kids/parents/car is/are too fat/ugly/rich/poor/hot/big/small/lame/boring/perfect/annoying/blessed etc!
  16. No more printed programs! What a waste of trees and time. Plus, 7 out of 10 become a paper airplane at some point during Sacrament meeting. On second thought, keep the programs.
  17. No more singing hymns no one knows!
  18. No more handing out quotes to the class with #s on them for people to read in order! Let us zone out, PLEASE.
  19. No more splitting into groups during lessons. What am I? A 5 year old hopped up on yellow #5 and ADHD meds?
  20. Single people should be allowed to go to whatever singles ward they want, regardless of the boundaries! It’s hard enough to go to church for three hours. At least let me suffer with people I actually like!
  21. No more missionary voice!!! OMG.
  22. No more Deseret Book! Sorry. It has to go. It is everything that is wrong with the church.
  23. We need a Tithing App. So we can pay tithing with it. With our phone. In our hand.
  24. No more TREK. As if we don’t look like a bunch of freaks already and everyone hates being called to a trek calling.
  25. NO MORE GENDER REVEAL PARTIES FOR UNBORN BABIES. This one…::shakes head in anger::.. this one really pisses me off.

This list, while incomplete, hopefully brings additional attention to the things we SHOULD be protesting. Feel free to add to the list with your comments below. Happy protesting!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Things that Really Chap my Rear End THIS Week. (Parental Advisory)

I was talking to Sarah the other day and she said that I wasn't blogging enough. She wanted to hear a good rant. Well, here it is. (Sorry for any racial, off-color/colorful language)

1. The Fast Food Wage Strikes.
Is it REALLY a surprise that working at McDonalds isn't a good career?   It's no more McDonald's fault you are poor than it's Obama's fault the Jazz have the worst record in the NBA.  What we should all be protesting is the pandemic sense of entitlement in our country. It's completely out of hand. And, so help me, if these McDonald's wage workers get a raise, and the price of my hot fudge sundae goes up, I'm going to be so pissed.

 If my research is correct, almost anyone can go to college these days. Don't have money? GREAT! You can get a GRANT and get your education for FREEZIES! Granted it probably won't be the greatest education because of the entitlement thing happening again... Yes, you actually have to go to class, and earn a grade, and then apply what you learned to a real life plan. It's scary! But so are the spiders in your parent's basement you will be living in for the better part of the forseeable future.


2. Utah Drivers.
I know, the subject has been beaten like a dead whore, (That's... what the saying is, right?) but I haven't taken the opportunity to speak my mind on this blog where people will actually hear/read it and hopefully validate me. (Up until now, the half-eaten granola bar in my cup holder is the only thing that gets to enjoy my commuting alter-ego, and so far, no validation there). There are just a few very simple concepts that Utah drivers just don't grasp.
1. The speed limit. No one goes the speed limit here. Everyone is either going 15-20 over (and riding your tail HARD if you aren't) or 15-20 under. I don't get it, I can't explain it.
2. The "Fast Lane" is totally foreign here. The slow lane, however, they've got that down. They just don't know which lane is for which type of driving. 
3. The "Box". This is when two cars speed up up just enough that you can't get out of your lane on either side. Go ahead, blink away. It ain't happenin'.  
4. The concept of the "Carpool Lane" or "HOV".  I would love to be an undercover cop. I would pull people over all day who violate the carpool lane. Once you are in, you are in. You can't cross the double white line to get out. And, how hard is it to count to two? Empty baby carrier doens't count. Neither does a dog. 
5. Cell Phones. Roughly 60% of the drivers I see while I'm driving, (and a lot more when I'm on my bike) are on their phones. It's ridiculous. I want to make 2 signs that say "YOU ARE DRIVING LIKE AN IDIOT" and another that says "GET OFF YOUR PHONE".. Think they will go over well? I probably will get flipped-off a lot, but I think it could be fun.... I could make it a competition, like, see how many times I can get flipped off in one day.

2. Peeling Butternut Squash.
Who in the world decided that was a good idea? I made the most amazing soup tonight, but it took me almost an hour to peel, and cube two damn squashes. I dirtied 8 knives and a potato peeler in the process. I'm never doing that again.

Trader Joe's sells cut and peeled organic butternut squash by the bag. When I was in the store I thought "Why would anyone buy that, when you can buy a whole squash for 1/3 the price? I know why. I know EXACTLY why. Bastards.

3. LinkedIn.
If you have ever worked with me, emailed me, been facebook friends with me, or been in the same vicinity as me, chances are you got an e-mail from Linked in last week saying I wanted to connect. I admit, I wanted to increase my connections on the site, but I didn't realize that they would literally e-mail everyone I ever came within three-feet of and pester them with e-mail after e-mail. For this, I am sorry. I didn't mean to do it, but turns out, I'm now looking like a baller with all my great connections, so thank you.

4. Facebook.
Has your facebook feed turned into a disgusting display of baby pictures, sonograms, 1-2 word vague/depressing half-posts, "best husband in the world" posts, selfies, and "my kids are killing me" posts? Mine is, and I can't take it anymore.

SOOOO, I went through and deleted a bunch of my friends. I mostly deleted people who I figured didn't care to receive my updates anymore. If you read this blog and we were Facebook friends and we aren't anymore, and you want to be welcomed back into the fold of my friendship, just add me again. Some people I deleted because I just would rather be real-life friends with them instead, and some people were boring, rude in real-life, or posted too many pictures of the insides of their uterus.

I've said it before and I will say it again. I believe in an ultrasound/sonogram-free Facebook. Unless it's twins. Then and ONLY then is it ok.

5. Selfies.
What's the deal? People are acting like the Native Americans when they saw their faces for the first time in a mirror that they traded for with some trappers or explorers. It's great to love yourself, but I find a direct correlation where the people who are posting the most selfies, often have the lowest perceived self-worth.  I venture to guess that 99% of selfies are posted in an attempt to get that girl you like to pay attention to you, or so the boy you used to love will be jealous of your "happy-without-him" life. Spare me. There is more to life.

I don't have instagram anymore. I deleted it because its just a bunch of selfies. You can tell that the majority of people posting sat there for 20 minutes switching back and forth between filters wondering which one made them look the skinniest/buffest/hottest etc. It's not real, it's garbage.

And these "Am I pretty?" videos...Dont' even get me started. Parents, be aware of what your kids are doing online, and teach them that it doesn't matter if they are pretty or ugly. They are worth so much more than their reflection......For hell's sake.

That's all for now. Sarah, was this adequate?

Friday, November 15, 2013

My new gig, my new house

It has been a long time since I have posted on here because most of my time has been spent trying to find a man to marry me and make beautiful babies with. That hasn't worked out. So, I'm back.

I'm not really sure if anyone even reads this blog anymore, but I wanted to just give an update to my life because a lot has changed in the last three months. Since I'm single, and don't have any kids, I think sometimes people think I am lonely or bored. I'm not.

In September, I quit my amazingly fun job at Salt Lake Running Co, and moved onto a little more professional career. I am now an account manager at Fit Marketing in Lehi, Utah. The first couple weeks of the job were a BREEZE. I was just writing copy for our customers, cracking jokes with my awesome co-workers, and relaxing. Then a couple weeks later, my job position changed and I was asked to be an account manager. Then things got cray.

Here are the analogies I used to describe the job. See if you can catch my drift:

Analogy 1: Lasagna

I feel like I have been hired to make the most amazing lasagna (marketing) that has ever been created. There is just a couple issues standing in the way of that beautiful Lasagna.
1. I don't know what "Lasagna" is.
2. The recipe is in French. (jargon)
3. Someone (my predecessor) has come along and started the recipe (marketing plan), but I have no idea what ingredients they have put in.
4. The "Lasagna" needs to be done in one hour. (deadlines, deadlines, deadlines)

Analogy 2: Parenthood

I feel like I have 20 children (customers), that are all crying for my attention and hungry and tired.
I have a team of nanny's (team leads) to help me with each task that needs to be taken care of like the feeding (content marketing team), washing (search marketing team), dressing (web team), entertaining (social marketing team) of the children.
I also have three husbands (the president, the CEO, and the vp of the company) to help me out
But, what I really need is a wife.

Things are a lot more calm now. Even though it was a tough transition, I loved my new job from the start and I am so happy I made the switch. This company is incredible. Amazing expertise, vision and heart. I'm getting great exposure to the real world of marketing and I love coming to work everyday.

Check out our youtube channel for some really funny videos they made when one of the sales guys left for a while to film a little show called The Bachelorette. This one is my favorite.

In addition to a job change, I moved into my own apartment. I am OBSESSED with it. I love it.

Before I had a couch.

The Kitchen.

My amazing friends moving in my dream couch.

Ta-dah! It's so ugly, it's magnificent. Also, purple chair from Savers, had to have it.

Wine-rack turned stand-up desk and shoe rack

Pano view featuring Dr. Lindsay Kite and Cath Cow. This is what it looks like now.

Come visit me. But give me warning, because I often am not wearing pants. #perksoflivingalone

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Run Shop Run

I think I've found my calling in life.

It is to help people be healthier than they think they can be. After spending close to three years in the specialty running world, it has become apparent that people are generally well intentioned with their fitness goals, but lack solid sources of information on training, nutrition, and proper gear.

To start off this adventure, I've started a blog. The blog is about running gear, apparel in particular, and which products are the best. I also have training plans on it, loads of information on how to get started, and hopefully it will help people.

If you would like to follow this blog, please do. It is

Eventually it will have it's own domain name, but I haven't quite figured that one out yet...

I'm also on Twitter... @runshoprun

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sarah Marie Jenkins

I used to share a bed with Sarah. Yeah...a bed. Today, she becomes one year older. Happy Birthday Sarah Marie Jenkins. I'm so glad you are part of our family. You have your hands full but you manage to make being a mom and wife kind of appealing. I can't wait to come and see you guys in just a couple weeks!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Quarter-life crisis

I might really be having a quarter-life crisis. I didn't think that was possible, but let me tell you, it totally is.

I'm 25,  single, and living in Utah.  In the mormon world, I'm old. My eggs are probably no good and surely no suitable man will want to marry me. I might as well hand back my Young-Womanhood Recognition Award medallion to my bishop with my head bowed in shame.  Please forgive me. It's obvious I forged all the signatures in the booklet. I've learned nothing about what it means to be a woman.

Let me explain my crisis to you. I have been in Salt Lake for 2 years. I have loved it here. I really have. I finished school, I got a pretty good job, and I have made quite a few friends. What's to complain about right? Everything is great! Well, yeah, things are good, but anyone who knows me knows I get an itch for adventure every now and then and I just have to go do something different.

The 'wanting to go have adventures' or 'need to see new places' isn't at all what is the problem. The problem is I want to be able to decide what I want to do and then just GO. However, there is a little thing called money that makes having said adventures possible and I don't gots da money.

I have been doing really well at saving my money though. I am going to make something crazy happen. I just gotta go do something.

Here are my options:

Move to Denver, Austin, DC, Michigan, Reno or stay in Utah
Teach English again in China, or maybe try a new country.
Travel the world on my credit card.
Find a non-profit and go somewhere for just a small while, then do...what?

Here are the things I know for sure I want to do:

Have a crazy awesome adventure
See things I have never seen before
Eat things I have never eaten before
Learn a little bit more about myself and about this amazing world we live in.

Ok, now it's your turn. Suggestions of what to do with my life... please.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Well, that is pinteresting!

Are you on Pinterest? It's the greatest thing ever. I can't handle it. I feel super creative while I'm on it, then I feel really lazy because all these people are making cute things while I'm sitting with my legs crossed, hand on chin, at my computer looking at all these great ideas of things I should do.