Monday, August 25, 2008

The End of the Best Summer of my Life

This truly has been the best summer of my life. I really can't think of anything that I wanted to do that I didn't accomplish. I was so blessed to be able to go to China and get to know a totally new way of living and a new culture. I made friends that will last a life time and memories that will last even longer. Living in Los Angeles taught me more than I was expecting and I now have an obsession with the beach and frozen yogurt. I don't want to re-cap everything I did in LA but I do want to share some funny or exciting things that happened while traveling up and down the Golden State.

1. Probably my favorite thing that happened in LA was when David Garcia won Tickets to see Wicked on the front row. We had tried three previous times to win tickets but had failed. I blame myself. I am cursed when it comes to raffles, drawings, what have you...basically anything that requires luck. I have never won anything and I told David that as long as I was present at the drawing we weren't going to win. On Saturdays at the Pantages Theater on Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles there are two showings of Wicked. If you show up to the theater 2.5 hours prior to the show, you can put your name in a raffle and possibly win two front row tickets to see the greatest show ever for $25.00 each. David and I showed up for the afternoon showing and we didn't win. I went home hanging my head in defeat and was ready to call it quits. After being at home for a few hours, I get a phone call from David and he said "Want to go see Wicked?" I freaked...literally. I had seen it once before but this was like watching a completely different play. To say I loved it would be an understatement. It was remarkable.

2. Trapeze school was also ridiculously awesome but you already know that.

3. My short road-trip with Mauri Earl from Reno to San Francisco was spontaneous and quick. Almost a little too quick seeing as we made the trip in about 3 hours and 15 minutes. I love talking to Mauri.

4. Yogurtland is hands-down the most amazing place ever. It is a self-serve frozen yogurt place that will change your life. I would consider myself somewhat of a frozen yogurt connoisseur. I have worked in the frozen yogurt business for over a year and also have been eating it ever since I can remember. I would say that there are a few things that determine the success of a visit to get this delicious, cold, creamy yet healthy treat.

*Variety-I can respect any place that sells Frozen yogurt but I will respect them more with the more flavor options they have. Yoasis in Provo has one measley flavor. I admit that it is the best flavor to go with fresh fruit but still, not everyone is going to be in the mood for fresh fruit all the time.
*Toppings-there must be a wide variety of toppings. Fresh fruit is a must but also, you should have some cereal toppings, candy bar toppings, and also some strange ones like Moochi and cheesecake bits. Granola and strawberries are my favorite toppings.
*Price-portion ratio- At some frozen yogurt places, you will pay about 5 bucks for a very small serving of yogurt. Not only is the yogurt way over priced but the toppings are breaking the bank. I like toppings just as much as (but probably more than) the next person in line and I hate when I have decided to splurge the $.50 and I get a $.10 version.