This is a list of resources for those who are interested in learning more about veganism. I will update this list with references to helpful information regularly.
YouTube Videos:
  • SarahNorse - the video that started it all for me

  • Forks Over Knives - A documentary about the health benefits of going vegan. Based on The China Study
  • Cowspiracy - Documentary about factory farming
  • Fed-up - Documentary about food industry corruption
  • Fat Sick and Nearly Dead - Documentary about plant-based diet, primarily about juicing
  • Earthlings

Instagram Accounts:
  • @minimalistbaker
  • @bonnyrebecca
  • @micthevegan
  • HappyCow - vegan and vegetarian restaurant locator
  • Cruelty-Cutter - to help you know which brands perform animal testing and which ones do not
  • - this is an awesome way to track nutrients. It shows you your daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals and how you are stacking up. LOVE IT.

Recipe Blogs/Sources:
  • Minimalist Baker  - One of my FAVES. I would eat her stuff even if I weren't vegan. I've loved everything I've made, especially the hummus and the pizza.
  • Nuts about Greens - I was making things from this blog LONG before I was vegan. Delicious and simple. 
Favorite Vegan Items from the Grocery Store:
  • Ben and Jerry's non-dairy ice cream
  • Oreo PB cookie flavor is AMAZING
  • Veganaise is a delicious mayo alternative
  • Vegan Superfood burger patties from Costco
  • Orgain Organic Plant-based protein (plus probiotics in vanilla)

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