Friday, November 15, 2013

My new gig, my new house

It has been a long time since I have posted on here because most of my time has been spent trying to find a man to marry me and make beautiful babies with. That hasn't worked out. So, I'm back.

I'm not really sure if anyone even reads this blog anymore, but I wanted to just give an update to my life because a lot has changed in the last three months. Since I'm single, and don't have any kids, I think sometimes people think I am lonely or bored. I'm not.

In September, I quit my amazingly fun job at Salt Lake Running Co, and moved onto a little more professional career. I am now an account manager at Fit Marketing in Lehi, Utah. The first couple weeks of the job were a BREEZE. I was just writing copy for our customers, cracking jokes with my awesome co-workers, and relaxing. Then a couple weeks later, my job position changed and I was asked to be an account manager. Then things got cray.

Here are the analogies I used to describe the job. See if you can catch my drift:

Analogy 1: Lasagna

I feel like I have been hired to make the most amazing lasagna (marketing) that has ever been created. There is just a couple issues standing in the way of that beautiful Lasagna.
1. I don't know what "Lasagna" is.
2. The recipe is in French. (jargon)
3. Someone (my predecessor) has come along and started the recipe (marketing plan), but I have no idea what ingredients they have put in.
4. The "Lasagna" needs to be done in one hour. (deadlines, deadlines, deadlines)

Analogy 2: Parenthood

I feel like I have 20 children (customers), that are all crying for my attention and hungry and tired.
I have a team of nanny's (team leads) to help me with each task that needs to be taken care of like the feeding (content marketing team), washing (search marketing team), dressing (web team), entertaining (social marketing team) of the children.
I also have three husbands (the president, the CEO, and the vp of the company) to help me out
But, what I really need is a wife.

Things are a lot more calm now. Even though it was a tough transition, I loved my new job from the start and I am so happy I made the switch. This company is incredible. Amazing expertise, vision and heart. I'm getting great exposure to the real world of marketing and I love coming to work everyday.

Check out our youtube channel for some really funny videos they made when one of the sales guys left for a while to film a little show called The Bachelorette. This one is my favorite.

In addition to a job change, I moved into my own apartment. I am OBSESSED with it. I love it.

Before I had a couch.

The Kitchen.

My amazing friends moving in my dream couch.

Ta-dah! It's so ugly, it's magnificent. Also, purple chair from Savers, had to have it.

Wine-rack turned stand-up desk and shoe rack

Pano view featuring Dr. Lindsay Kite and Cath Cow. This is what it looks like now.

Come visit me. But give me warning, because I often am not wearing pants. #perksoflivingalone


  1. I'm def going to drop in on you unannounced! Sounds like you're doing so great, thank you for the update!

  2. i freaking miss you because you are funny and perfect.

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