Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cooking Blogs

I would love to profess that I am an excellent chef but alas, I am not. The good thing is, I'm really good at making friends with people who are. Meet my friend Angie. Her blog is amazing and I have tried manyof the things she posts. THEY ARE DELICIOUS and you don't needa degree in chemistry or french to figure out what she is talking about. Very simple and delicious recipes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July!

The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday. I love it more than Christmas! The last two 4th of July's have been pretty lame, but this year made up for them x 10.

We went to Idaho and met my Mom and Kirk. We stayed at Grandpa's house and the weekend was packed with good food, entertainment, and lots and lots of SUN!

We arrived late Saturday night so the real fun didn't start until Sunday. We woke up and went for a run but it was SO HOT. Running in the heat is certainly something I will have to train to do because it was awful. After the run, we all ate breakfast and then went to Church with Grandpa. After church we went to Ron and Leslie's house for dinner. The food this weekend was great. Summer food is devine. Potato salad, corn on the cob, BBQ meat, watermelon (which I kind of hate) and delicious desserts were everywhere. I gained about 10 lbs this weekend.

Monday was the greatest day ever. We woke up and went to the parade in downtown Middleton Idaho. Small towns are where the 4th should be celebrated. I'm convinced it is the only way. The parade was cute and pretty short but the best part was the fire hoses! The fire trucks turned on their hoses and people ran in the water and got sprayed. It was seriously so fun. I felt like I was 5 again, just living for Summer. After we got totally and completely soaked, we went to Lunch at Sizzler. Not my favorite place, but it was good. Then we went shopping for a bit, I made a pie, and then it was time to eat again... BBQ at Aunt Leslie's house again.

My uncle Ron built a HUGE water slide in his backyard so we went down that and it was the GREATEST. I LOVE water slides. I am thinking of quitting my job and going to work at a water park somewhere. After the water slide, pool, lots and lots of food, I was totally and completely exhaused. We went home and tried to nap just a bit but it wasn't working out so well because al the little kids were amped up on excitement for the fireworks. My Aunt Leslie won $200 worth of fireworks so my cousin Ryan set them up for the kids and lit them off in front of Grandpa's house. After our own fireworks show, we walked down the street to where the Middleton fireworks were and waiting for a bit for them to start. This small town with just over 1200 people in it had AMAZING fireworks!!!! HUGE ones where you felt like they were going to land right on top of you. There were a couple impromptu explosions and huge flame clouds that flew up into the air.... not really sure where those came from but they were awesome to watch.

After the fireworks show, we decided to leave Boise. That's right...5 hour drive starting at about midnight. It was fun though. We made it home safely and I can safely say that was one of the best 4ths I have had YET.

Next big family vacation: Disneyland for CHRISTMAS!