Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good, Better, Best

This week was fantastic and horrid all at the same time. I think I went through a whole box of s'more pop-tarts this week due to stresses and triumphs.  S'more pop-tarts really are the best way to celebrate a success or comfort a weary heart.

My week started out with a disappointing grade on an assignment. Then I forgot about a paper that was due in one of my classes. I was able to cope, but I hate when I don't perform to my best ability or lazily forget about something important. I am usually really good about it, but for some reason this last week was just not going like it was supposed to. 

In the midst of all this craziness, I had the greatest epiphany ever. I was just finishing up my nightly routine when I realized something that has helped me to rethink my life. First, you need a little background...but not too much. I have been praying for the same thing for a long time now. I was beginning to feel like my prayers were going unanswered because of something that I had done, was not doing, or any other slew of reasons.  I was beginning to think that maybe I was going about it the wrong way when it hit me. 

The Lord doesn't withhold blessings from his children if they are worthy of receiving them. I think that the principle of good, better, best, applies to blessings as well. When there is something that we are praying for, the Lord might have even more in store for us than we can even imagine. We just might not be in a position to receive the blessings for one reason or another. Maybe we wouldn't recognize it if we were given it. I don't think that the Lord will bless us with just "good" blessings if he knows that we are on our way to receiving the "best" blessing. It is our responsibility to be living in a way that we can be worthy of receiving the best blessings that our loving Heavenly Father wants to bestow upon his obedient children.

So, that was my epiphany.  

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anyone want to help with a couple really good causes???

As most of you know, I am a public relations major. PR is a very fascinating and diverse field and I am so happy that I have chosen it. I get to work on projects that really make a difference in the lives of people all over the country and all over the world! It is awe inspiring how much difference just one person can make. History is full of stories about people who took matters into their own hangs and made a positive change in the world. I hope to be one of those people who make an impact for good. We already have enough people making a bad impact on the world these days.

I have just been given the opportunity to oversee the PR side of a very exciting project. Here is a video that explains what the Tap Project is all about.

Sounds pretty cool huh? Well BYU's student-run PR firm, Bradley Public Relations and the student-run adverting agency, Ad-Lab are working together to bring this effort to the attention of Utah consumers. We know that by getting the right people informed about the needs of people in countries that are not as developed as the USA, and by providing them an easy way to help that doesn't feel like an all out effort to save the world, we will be able to make an impact that will literally save millions of lives.

If you are at all interested in getting involved, please e-mail me and let me know. We need people from all backgrounds so even if you are an EL-ED major, you can still help. My e-mail is

The second effort that I am trying to get people involved in is one that directly effects the people living and working in an around the Utah and Salt Lake valleys. There is an awesome organization called the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective. It was started by 4 avid cyclists that decided their knowledge of bikes and bike safety could be a great asset to the community. They take old bikes, repair them, donate them and sell them. If someone needs a bike and can't afford to pay, they offer another option. The individual can come to their shop and build an entire bike from scratch and then keep the bike.

Here is their website: Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective - Home

This endeavor has greatly blessed the Salt Lake City area by providing people who need reliable transportation with a low or no cost way to get from point A to point B the earth friendly way.
Utah is the new home to many refugees from war torn countries. The refugees can go and get a bike for free and they can also get riding lessons or safety lessons for free too.

What I am going to do is help get the word out about them and also by helping those of us who ride bikes to and from school, work, and play and have no where to park our bikes because the bike racks are chalked full of bikes that people have left to waste away year after year.

I am organizing a Bicycle Harvest. This will help to get the word out about the SLCBC, clean up the bike racks, and also get a hefty load of bikes for the people in the community who need them desperately.

If you are interested in helping in anyway, please contact me by e-mail. I am going to be needing a rather large committee to help with everything and it will be a great chance to see what life is like on the inide of a real PR campaign to take back the racks. So whether you have a rusty bike in your backyard or garage, or you have a couple hours to get some hands on PR experience, please let me know.

Photo courtesy of SLCBC