Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm making videos now.

Please disregard all of the baby voices and exaggerated excitement. If only I was exaggerating.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Disregard last post.

I changed my mind. I want Justin Timberlake for Christmas.

My Christmas list

My mother informed me we are doing Christmas gifts a little different this year. She doesn't want to know what we want. She wants to get us what she wants us to have. I am interested to see what my mom 'wants me to have.' Last I checked, it is illegal to force a man to marry your daughter, so I don't think I have to worry about a man popping out of a box. However, if it was a man that in any way resembled Ryan Reynolds, I would be thrilled. Other embarrassing things my mom could wrap up include a 1 year membership to an online dating service, a self help book on finding the man of your dreams or a cookbook so I can learn to cook for the man of my dreams.

I'm sure whatever my mom gets me will be wonderful. If not, I will just do what my brother and sister-in-law taught me: return for cash. (haha sorry Jesse and Sarah, you KNOW it's true...and lucrative)

Here is my Christmas 2010. No Donny Osmond underwear this year, although I never got any and I'm still a little bummed out by it.

This book has some awesome craft ideas in it. I have the other book called "The Big Ass Book of Crafts" and I LOVE it.
If you lived through the 90's you know what this show is. If you didn't, you are totally missing out. A warning: before you remove your head from your Twilight encrusted butt, this is the cheesiest show I have ever seen and I go against all my principles by liking it, but I don't care. I already have season 1, season 2 is on it's way, and so this leaves season 3 and 4 for potential give givers.

This is the Saucony ProGrid Kinvara. This shoe is BA. It is a minimalist running shoe with ProGrid cusioning for extra softness and flexibility. Looking to start barefoot running? This would be an excellent starting point to get your body used to new form. The heel-to-toe drop is one of the shortest on the market in this price range and... it is GREEN! Wow, do I sound like a shoe sales person or WHAT. Still, I want this shoe so bad!

Are these not the cutest boots you have ever seen? I want them!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Your shoes....are gloves.

Have you seen these?
Totally hideous, right?

Well, I bought some. Oops.

I tried to hate them, because, in all honesty, if this shoe had a personality, it would be the geekiest granola head on the planet... (even worse than chacos!)

I do sorta feel like I joined some special club though. We will see how the transition goes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

On a scale from one to ten...

I just came up with a great way to make life infinitely more simple. Rate EVERYTHING on a scale from 1-10. Examples are below:

A) I just don't like her... she talks crap, she is annoying, and thinks her poop doesn't stink. She is also a sociopath, narcissist, and a downright foolio.
B) She is a 1.

A) This is the most amazing movie I have ever seen. I would watch it again, right now.
B) This is a 10.

A) I need to do laundry so bad. I have been wearing the same thing for the past 4 days, and am beginning to smell like a foot.
B) My clean clothing selection is a 3.

A) I just crashed my car and I'm fairly sure that if the axel is bent, it will be totaled. The good news is, the airbags didn't go off, so the resale doesn't drop too much if we decide to fix it.
B)The damage on my car is a 9.

A) That was the rankest fart I have ever been subject to and I don't think my nose hairs exist anymore. I may need to replace the carpet in my house, and you may need to replace your shorts.
B) That fart was a 10.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yeah, I do triathlons...

Saturday was the Bountiful Triathlon and Alex and I competed in it. It was so fun and I can honestly say I loved every minute of it. The distance was as follows:

3.35 mile run
11.5 mile bike
350 yd swim

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best day of my LIFE.

I just took my Accounting 200 final. Goodbye Norm, I will miss Steven's sweet shop, Norms Furniture, and the way your face would freeze in funny ways between problems and their walk-through. So long debits and credits, hello visa and AMEX, the credits and debits I know best. It's been fun.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why does transportation hate me?

I don't know what the deal is but recently the transportation gods have had me on their "S" list. I don't really know what I did to get such bad karma, but apparently I did something...and if you are sitting in your chair thinking "well, you did this and this and this...then you can cram it.

It all started when I decided to move to the great state of Utah...which I lovingly refer to as Jewtah. Two days after arriving, my 2000 Isuzu Trooper's transmission went out. Incase you don't know, they don't sell those at the dollar store-the only place I can shop these days. I decided to just sell the trooper for what it was worth without fixing it. Within seconds of posting it on KSL, I had so many mexicans calling me that after an hour I felt like I was qualified to work at Beto's. I sold it to a man who was like 50 years old and a couple weeks after the deal, he called me. I was sure he wanted his money back, or wanted to undo the deal, but no....he wanted much more than that...a date. I don't think so old man. How about you ask my mom out?

During this whole car fiasco, I went home to Reno to get Norm and my Dad's car since mine was on the fritz and no one was using the Expedition. Geoff drove his Saab to Reno so I caught a ride with him. We made it through the Carlin Tunnels when the fuel pump went out. I had never been stranded in the middle of nowhere, but I was glad to be with Geoff. We had a fun time in Elko with the tow truck driver Ken and his little doggy Tough. Dear sweet Max McCombs, Geoff's dad, drove all the way from Reno to rescue us from certain death. When it was time to leave Reno a few days later Geoff and his friend Meredith, Norm and I all piled in and drove to Utah.

The expedition lasted a good few weeks when all of the sudden, the battery dies. It is currently parked in front of my house... I am thinking about calling some of those Mexicans that called me about the Trooper and see if they will come snag it... (Don't think for one second that I am a racist. I am a race-ologist. duh)

Patti Tartaglia got married this weekend in Reno and I was one of her bridesmaids (that makes like 3135624234 bridesmaid dresses I have hanging in various closets between SLC and Reno.) Wednesday night, after my last college lecture of ALL TIME, I was supposed to board a train to go from SLC to Reno..well the train got derailed. Yes, derailed... that still happens... we can cure small pox and polio, but we can't keep trains on their tracks... Anyhoozles, so I had to buy a ticket at the last minute to make it to the rehearsal dinner on time. This was my first non-mormon wedding adventure. It was so FUN. Her family is all really close and they had an open bar so people were even more interesting. I limited myself to two shirley temples...which I think was responsible...

Saturday night I went to look at cars. Not to really buy one, but just to kinda get an idea of what I wanted. I thought I would want a Honda Fit, but after test driving it, my mind changed... It was super loud inside, and over priced. The used ones they had were all banged up and scratched and I wasn't going to pay 20,000 for a car that looked like it was worth 5. After talking to the salesmen for a while, I decided I was done looking and we started to walk out. My mom spotted a 2009 Hyundai Accent and asked if I was interested. I thought to my self, Hyundai makes cars for old men. Then, I took a closer look. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was cute and fit my needs and my budget. It also came with a 10yr 100k mile warranty. I made an offer and they accepted it, and that was I thought.

The next morning, I started driving back to Utah because I had work and a final Monday. I made it to Winnemucca when my check engine light came on. Those blasted lights are probably the cause of more stomach ulcers than anything else. Immediately my stomach fell out of my butt and I was so sad, mad, and just frustrated. I had had it with crappy lemons and thought I had finally found something that was going to last me a LONG time. I pulled into an Auto Zone and the kid came out and checked out why my light was on. He looked at me and said "uhh you might want to take this one back" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So, I called mother bear and she called the Honda Dealership where I bought the car and she gave them a piece of her mind. I turned around, drove to Reno and went straight to the dealership after rendezvousing with my mom in a nearby parking lot. I called my boss, and my professor to reschedule my final, and to find out what to do about work. They were both very accommodating. When we pulled up we got the royal treatment. THAT'S RIGHT! They took the car and had it fixed for me the very next day. I still don't really know what was wrong with the car, but I left Reno at 4:45 am this morning and made it here by 1:00 with no problems. I hope it continues to be a good car for me. It is really cute. I think I will skip breakfast everyday for a week as a fast that my car wont break on me.

So yeah, that is my recent transportation luck... I dare you to share your transportation horror stories in the comments section BELOW.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some friends of mine throw down some sweet lyrics

"Big Spoon" and "Neva" or David Peterson and David Hawkins are some of my friends. They have mad talent and, as you can see from this vid, are dripping in sex appeal. Check them out. You will fall in love with them and beg to be friends with me, just so you can know them...

Download the music and other amazing tracks here and blow your mind with insane hip hop love.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Norm is the King of the Jungle

Norm is possibly my most prized possession. I adore him. He has been so hot lately so my mom had him groomed. I think he looks so stinking cute! I am going home this weekend and bringing him back with me along with my scooter and my dad's car. My trooper is dead :(

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Attention Wal-mart Shoppers...

A compilation of announcements Wal-mart should start saying...

"Attention Wal-mart shoppers. It is now time to take a brief moment and look at the child you are abusing and take them to the toy isle and buy them a stuffed animal. This will make you feel better and reinforce your child's bad behavior. We suggest Zhu Zhu pets. They are just annoying enough to make you want to beat them instead of your child, and they are on Rollback!

Attention Wal-mart shoppers. We are rolling back prices on pre-made frozen dinners. Now you wont have to get off the couch to make a three course meal for your already malnourished family, subsequently missing the newest episode of The Biggest Loser.

Attention Wal-mart shoppers. It is now 11:30 p.m. Please quiet your screaming children who should be at home sleeping. Our jewelry counter lady and electronics guy are trying to take a nap. Thank you.

Attention Wal-mart shoppers. Just in case you don't have enough crap in your basket already, we have restocked our "as seen on TV section." Get you, your husband, goldfish and dog matching snuggies today!

Attention Wal-mart shoppers. If you are located at one end of the store and you just remembered that you forgot something at the other end, please push the call button and a highly trained service person will assist you. This will save you hours of walking, and negate the need to open up that box of cheese-its for nourishment to make the trek.

Attention Wal-mart shoppers. We are experiencing a usual high number of customers. Please wait in line for 100 years and a moderately coherent cashier will assist you. If you are in a "20-items-or-less" lane and have clearly more than 20 items, don't fret, our cashiers can't count any better than you can.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day

This was the first Father's Day without a phone call to a dad who only wanted "world peace" for father's day but got socks and Eddie Bauer tie-pants instead. I sure miss my daddy! This post is dedicated to him and his famous "Vonn-isms."

"Knock 'em dead!"

"Where is my brush!? I hate when you guys use my brush because the long hairs drag on my face when I comb my hair."

"Get over it..."

"Jesse! Get off me!"

"I weep for the future of the world!"

"Will you go get me a quarter pounder with cheese? Please? Come on!"

"Knock it off!"

"Where is the remote?" "I will give 5 bucks to whoever finds the remote."

"What language would you like me to say family prayer in?"
"Yo-me yo-me yo-me.... yo-me yo-me yo-me" (no matter what language we requested..)

"Staaaaaay green.... come on baby stay greeen."
"Gaul! Dangit!" (at every yellow light)

"Hey kids, watch this!" (just before totaling our Toyota)

"Quit dingkin' around!"

"Do we have anymore banana milk?"

"Will you bring me a toothpick?" "No, the square ones..."

"This is Vonn J. Jenkins from the Church of the LDS...."

"I want to try this new recipe that I saw on Good Eats."

"What's for dinner?"

"Screw your stew!"

"You are my favorite."


"This is baaaaaaad."

"Alright! Alright! Alright!"

"Raise your right hand. Repeat after me..."

"Don't drive angry!"


"Who wants to go to Costco with me?"


"Did you know See's candy delivers? Right to your front door!"

"Wait, so you wrecked the car, but you weren't in it?"

"I am a lucky man."

You were a lucky man, Dad! We were lucky to have you in our lives! We love you and miss you everyday! Happy Father's day and I hope you aren't too upset you didn't get your usual socks and tie-pants....its a recession....and plus, you probably wouldn't wear them anyway... you always preferred the ones with the most holes.

Here are some more I forgot, Thanks Jesse!

"Mmmm, that's good" after every free sample at Costco.

"Can someone bring me some toilet paper?" and closely related, "don't come in here, you'll get brain damage."

"I want KFC"

"Do you have tri-tip tacos today?"

"Jess, I hate your dogs."

"Jack, why are we even friends?"

"I didn't vote for Harry Reid! I don't know what the hell you are talking about."

"Time to thin the herd."

"Pull my finger."

"Allie, quit using my sink, get your crap out of here!"

"How hard is it to go to the store, get what you need, and come home?"

"Where the hell are you?"

There were more but most of them were inappropriate. hahahhahah

Friday, June 18, 2010

Daily Affirmations!

I created a tumblr blog for my daily affirmations so I can be more like this girl.

Remeber, you can do anything good.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First week in Utah

Hey friends! My life is totally awesome. You should be jealous. Here's why:

  • I am staying at a cute little bed and breakfast in Lehi, Utah.
  • I ate the most delicious fajitas last night for dessert.
  • I ate creamy frozen yogurt for dinner last night.
  • I am going to the rodeo this weekend!
  • My niece is at EFY this week and I get to see her!
  • I have a few job prospects that I am pretty excited about.
  • My cat is getting shaved like a lion. hahahahahahahah
  • My identity is stolen and continues to be stolen.
  • Wells Fargo sent me a replacement debit card and it came in the mail...canceled. Waiting for another one.
  • My transmission went out in my car yesterday.
  • I don't have a job.
  • I don't have an apartment.
  • I now don't have a car.
  • I found an apartment to live in up in Salt Lake. So cute and Norm can come! Then the girl decided I was weird and rented it to someone else.
  • I have one pair of pants that fits.
  • BYU dropped me as a student and now I can't log onto the computers on campus. I didn't want to study anyway.
  • My mailing address for my phone bill, bank account, and credit card have all been changed to 471 West Line Way in Muncie, Indiana. I have not a clue why. Maybe I should move there.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Am I awesome? All clues point to YES!

So, Saturday morning, I am sleeping soundly on my 4-in memory foam mattress topper, nestled in my bed with my kitten Norm, when my phone rings. I choose not to look and see who it is because, let's face it, it is Saturday morning before 10 a.m. It could have been John Stamos calling to tell me he is in love with me and I still would have rather slept. About 30 minutes later, I look at my phone to see that it was an unknown number. So glad I didn't answer, I happily roll back over and sleep for another 30 minutes. I glance at my phone after getting up and almost getting in the shower, to realize the unknown caller left me a message.

"Hello Ms. Jenkins, this is Wells Fargo's Fraud Detection team calling to alert you of suspicious account activity on your Wells Fargo checking account ending in ####. Please call us back at ### ### #### to speak with a fraud specialist as soon as possible. Thank you."


Apparently, someone got a hold of my debit card number and bought tickets from/to Italy, and a couple hundred dollars in other stuff. The city where the card was used was Villanova, Italy, the city where my grandmother was born, and where all my Italian ancestors live to this day. What are the odds?

Anyway, now I have no access to any money for 5-7 business days.

Apparently, I am pretty awesome, or else no one would have wanted to steal my identity. However, I am sure they were disappointed when my bank account and my awesomeness were incongruous.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I wanna moyve tah Joysey.

Have you seen Jerseylicious? It might be the most addicting show on TV. The whole premise of the show is as follows:

Gayle and her daughter have taken out a 3-million dollar loan to make The Gatsby Salon legit. They begin by hiring two new hair dressers, and a make-up artist. Words can't describe these peeps. Here is a video:

OMG, I want to go tanning! And I want to drink lip gloss for breakfast!

Now, a tip from Tracey: The Perfect Tease!

Ick! Man hands.....

Who knew "Utah Hair" existed outside of Utah?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Web-folio!

I have been working on getting a web-folio started. I went with another blog. I hope it does the trick. You should check it out. It is here!

The job hunt is going well! I have been in contact with a few awesome companies. I have a part-time job lined up for the weekends... so if all else fails, I will be able to eat. It may be bologna (the ultimate sign of poverty) but I can deal. I'm sure there is a cook book out there with a title similar to "100 recipes for bologna!"

Monday, May 31, 2010

I want to know....

why poor people are fat.
why cheap make-up turns orange throughout the course of a day.
why seven jeans makes crappy jeans to sell at Kohls.
why people even buy clothes at Kohls.
why cheap nail salons lie about 'gel' nails.
why people fall in love.
why more child beatings can be seen in a single trip to wal-mart than in a whole week of Lifetime TV.
why How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days never gets old.
why The Biggest Loser only makes me want to eat massive amounts of ice cream.
why Nevada has the bluest skies.
why people think the iPad is cool. It's not. I promise.
why the sun seems to bleach my skin.
why people name there kids strange Karemily...or Ashlisa.... gag me.
why burgers from a grill taste SO good.
why frozen yogurt is "good" for me.
why fashion is fashionable.
why some colors are prettier than others.
why all flip-flops are not created equally.
why shape-ups are so popular. They are hideous. No matter how tone you get, they will still make you look ugly.
why there are measurements on the doors of mini-marts...if someone steals something, their height is not going to be a very telling characteristic.
why McDonald's doesn't sell hot dogs.
why "real mayonaise" must include the word "real."
why carnival ride operators have, on average, 3 teeth.
why pizza is pretty much the only deliverable food.
why Mexican's put sound systems in their cars that are worth 3x more than the car.
why some things never go out of style.
why Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, like 100 times.
why anyone cheats.
why men and women are starting to dress alike... do you see it?
why beer is cheaper than water in China.
why teddy bears are so cute, but real bears eat people.
why money is represented by paper checks and invisible electronic transfers.
why Southwest Airlines doesn't give out honey roasted peanuts anymore.
why cats are't extinct, when they all seem to hate each other.
why bread is square but sandwich meat is round.
why instructions for a water evacuation are given on flights rather than land evacuations.
why I can have 2 fish, but not 2 cat.
why Donny Osmond is married, and not to me.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brad and Elisse came!

I know this picture is ancient, but I didn't have a lot of options....

Brad and Elisse had to deliver furniture for the company Brad works for, and lucky for me, they had to stop in Reno! It was so fun having them here. Elisse is 8 months preggo! So strange that 99% of my friends are either married, married with children, divorced or wishing they were some combination of the three. I'm still single.... woopty friggin dooo.

Novocaine on tap!

So, I don't know why I didn't start blogging about work before, because seriously, I work with the most amazing people on the planet. Huh-lar-ee-ous.

My job is pretty simple. I answer phones, schedule patients, file charts, pull charts, pour up models, confirm appointments, water plants, order lunch, pick up lunch, eat lunch, file more charts, confirm more appointments, answer the phone some more, punch some numbers in the calculator, and then the best part, I go home to hang out with

Anyway, everyday there are numerous funny conversations... today it was about lying.

I am taking a class through independent study and although it is sucking my will to live, it is pretty interesting. I told Heather, the office manager, that my text book says that all lies are bad, and that even white lies are deceiving. She immediately said "Well, what about when someone has an ugly baby?"

Well, it is in situations like this when I personally would avoid Kant's theory...this dude thinks that all lies are equally abhorrent. He believes that we should tell the truth all the time...

What did you "white lie" about today? Hmmmm... I can't think of anything! (Oh, there is one!0

Got me wondering if this was a good movie....

I'm sure it was a big hit.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have some exciting news! I am moving to Salt Lake June 21st! I am so excited to get going with my life again. I moved to Reno in September the moment I learned that my dad was sick. I literally hopped on a plane, having no idea if I would ever be back. Now that things are getting back to a new kind of normal, I am ready to finish what I started. I will be taking my last two classes at the BYU Salt Lake center, working somewhere, and living someplace. I have not ironed out all the details yet, but I have a lot of amazing friends and family members in Salt Lake who are helping me nail down the specifics. I am very anxious to start this new adventure! I will have my degree in August, and then I can start looking for a job in my field. I love when things work out. I look back at the last 6 months or so and can see how I have been very blessed. I was able to find an amazing job, I was able to make some great friends, and the timing of everything worked out perfectly. I couldn't have planned it better myself.

I don't know if anyone is the same as me, but when I am stuck in limbo, I have a really hard time making decisions. I knew I had a plan to finish my classes, but that plan just wasn't really working out. I was bored to tears with Independent Study. I love Reno, but I need to do things the Elizabeth way.

I have really enjoyed my time here in Reno, but something has been keeping me from getting totally involved in life here. I always had a feeling that I wasn't going to be here very long. I think now that I know what I am doing, things will start to go a lot smoother.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I might self destruct.

My car battery is dead, no one I called has jumper cables. The weather is TERRIBLE and I have to work all day tomorrow and we have no food in the fridge for my lunch. No idea how I am getting to work at 7:00 am, how I am getting to Minden by 6:00 pm, and how I will eat food so I am not HANGRY! I am HANGRY NOW!

Also, Norm decided to take a nap in the fireplace...luckily there wasn't a fire burning...but he is all black now....and I am prejudice... just kidding... my other cat is black...naturally...and I love her.

ok, that is enough ANGER for one blog post. It's not like any one really reads this besides like 4 people any way. lol.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's that time of year again!

I woke up with a sore throat the other morning. Don't you hate when that happens? I think, oh great, what do the next few days to a week hold in store? Well, lucky for me, the previous day, my friend Coleen told me about a recipe her family uses (and swears by) when they get a sore throat. It is so simple, and I am a true testimonial because I did it, and I didn't get sick!

Here it is:

1/4 C hot water
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar)

Mix together and gargle as far back in your throat as you can. Use all of the mixture! Nasty stuff will come out, so make sure you are over a sink. It might burn a little, but that is a good thing. Only do it 2 times a day, or you will burn your throat. Follow with two packets of Emergen-C...just to be safe. Ta-Dah!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eco Woman

I know you are all probably really sick of the "Green Revolution" but I happen to think it is very interesting. I am in no way a "greenie" but I do envy those who are rich enough to live in such a way. I would love to be able to buy all local food, spend hundreds at Whole Foods, and drive a Prius. The sad thing is, the media have made the idea of "going green" and turned it into a trendy thing. I have been doing some research and there are a couple things that we can do that don't require a major lifestyle overhaul, OR a raise. These suggestions will not be a surprise, but will help save natural resources, and money.

1. Turn off lights
2. Take a 5 min. shower
3. Fix up a bike and ride it whenever possible.
4. Do full loads of laundry
5. Put trash in a trash can
5. Buy products with as little packaging as possible.
6. Donate clothes, shoes, and household items to a thrift store, instead of throwing them away.
7. Drink tap water in a reusable bottle instead of bottled water. Tap water regulations are more strict than bottled water in most states.
8. Use rags instead of paper towels
9. Use cloth napkins
10. Eat leftovers

Monday, March 29, 2010

Netflix for the WIN.

Netflix: quite possibly the most amazing invention of all time.

I'm sure Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are trying to deny it, but Netflix revolutionized the way people rent and watch movies. Red Box was doing the same, but in my humble opinion, Red Box has missed the boat. Yes, they are convenient, but I can't even tell you how many times I have wanted a specific movie, and Red Box lets me down. Not to mention, I despise their "no late fees" disguise. I'm pretty sure I could buy a few DVDs for the amount of money I have spent on Red Box DVDs because I wasn't back by 7/9 p.m., or I forgot to grab the DVD and return it...for a few days/weeks.

Netflix is amazing. I signed up in a fit of compulsion last Wednesday, and so far I have watched 7 movies. I have received 1 DVD in the mail, but have been able to watch all the rest on my computer, straight from the internet. I have watched movies that I would never rent, and I ended up LOVING them! I will send yall suggestions every so often, because this is one subscription I am KEEPIN'!

So far, here are some of my favorites:

No Impact Man
Food Inc.
Little Shop of Horrors
Hannah Montana: The Movie (shut up. it is awesome.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Epic Fail

I have laughed more today than I have in a while. I had the most bazaar day, but it was hilarious. To start things off, I woke up this morning with the idea that I needed to hang out with my awesome friends Alecia and Anika. They were going snowboarding at Mt. Rose today and invited me to come along. I have been avoiding the mountain for a while for a number of reasons... The first reason being, I hate being cold. I like to be warm and toasty. I like snow, but only when I am throwing it at someone, rolling it into a ball to make a snowman, or eating it with tiger's blood drizzled all over it. Other than that, I don't care for snow. Something felt different about the day though. I immediately wanted to go with them when Alecia mentioned it was going to be a warm day. Warm, and Winter? Yes please!

I got out of bed and gathered all my gear (minus my goggles...I'm pretty sure JESSE stole them). I was almost ready to go when I decided I needed to put some oil in my car. I popped the hood, put some oil in, and off I went. I stopped for gas at the Shell near my house. As I am pumping gas, gasoline leaked out all over the place. Lovely.

Up at Mt. Rose, the weather was PERFECT. I loved it. I had forgotten just how much I loved snowboarding. The weather was great, the sun was out, and I was not cold at all. I was a little nervous that I would have to start over from scratch, seeing as I had not been snowboarding in over 2 years, but it came right back. Here are some pics for you!

Me with a sweet helmet and goggles that squished my face all day. Haha

(We were practically the only ones on the mountain!)

When I got home from Mt. Rose, I realized that there was oil all over my wheel wells. Mystified, I opened the hood of the car to see I had forgotten to put my oil cap back on, and oil had spurted out all over. I quickly took Allie's car to Auto Zone, picked up a new oil cap, washer fluid, and 4 quarts of oil...I never found the original oil cap.

THEN, I went to Old Navy to return a purse. It was kinda cute, but after I got it home, I just wasn't in love with it. Then, I went to a meeting for Girls Camp and after the meeting I couldn't find my phone. It isn't out of the ordinary for me to lose things, I manage to lose the same item over and over again. Anyway, I went home, found my mom's phone, and called the only number I have memorized, Coleen's. She was able to get me in touch with some people I thought might know where it was.... Welp, that was a big fat no. My heart almost fell out of my butt when I realized it was IN THE PURSE I had returned to Old Navy a few hours prior. I RACED there and on my way called to see if someone would be so kind as to go and find my phone. The nice girl who answered the phone found it. In the purse. On the floor, waiting ever so patiently to be sold.

I love my life.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Girl With White Skates.

Reno. Ice Skating Rink. University wards. Awesomeness.

So tonight, we went to the Rink on the River. There were a lot of people there and it was a ton of fun. Despite my best efforts, I fell three times, but I did it with can put money on that.

I always find it interesting the quick change in the dynamics on the ice when someone with white skates shows up. For obvious reasons we will call this diva "White Skates". Obviously White Skates didn't rent them, which must mean she does this often enough to need her own skates, which then must mean that we are all a bunch of posers with no skills.

While others are shamefully exiting the ice in defeat, or pretending that White Skates isn't totally schooling everyone and skate on, I sit and stare like I have some lesbian crush.

Tonight, I asked this white-skate wearing diva if she would teach me a trick or two. She offered me some excellent advice.

White Skates can stay.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Incase you were wondering...

I think I may have discovered the purpose of blogging. An outsider/non-blogger might look at us bloggers and think we are all a bunch of narcissistic freaks. Well, I am here to say that we are so much more than that.

In reality, all our lives are just average. Even that one friend who is totally out of this world nuts, is average, too. Personally, I blog because I am too lazy to write in my journal. I also like to be able to say whatever I want to say and whether it be off color or not, I like feed back. My journal doesn't give me any feedback. I like to know that I have set up a system of checks and balances among my peers. If I am about to do something terrible like cut my hair in to a mullet formation, my wonderful friends will stop me, and gently prod me in the right direction. (I've decided on Reese btw. Thank you.)

I love to blog because I love reading other people's blogs. Because every one's life is so average, I take pleasure in knowing that other people out there have the same angst toward even slightly brown bananas as I do. (Shameless plug for one of my favorite blogs: FOL)

I don't really know why I decided to write about this today, and perhaps I will have to write an additional post later, but I have enjoyed sharing my opinion of bloggers. We are fabulous.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food Rations

Remember when you used to play Oregon Trail? Food would become sparse and suddenly, you would limit everyones food rations to "meager." Well, I am sad to say that due to Norm's expensive taste, he will also be receiving "meager" rations.

He will only eat this:

Fortunately for Norm, I am obsessed with him. Unfortunately for me, this food is about $30.00 a bag. That's it Norm...1/3 cup in the morning...1/3 cup at night. No mas....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey everyone,

So, here are some hair cuts that I think would be super cute, but I want to see what you think.

Reese: I have done this one before... but I still like it. I would probably go about shoulder-blade length though. Still "long" but not short...

Rachel: I like this one because I have these exact bangs already, the length is a little short for me so I would lengthen it a little, but I would also dye it dark like this.

Kelly: I like this one because of how thinned out the ends are. I think it makes it lay very nicely. I would also go a little bit longer than this.

Lauren: I just like this... I would have to grow out my bangs, but I could do that... I like the length.

So, what do you think? You must leave a comment. If you leave my blog without commenting, I will hunt you down. LOVES!