Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Ebay Addiction

Some call it shopping, some call it Ebaying, others even call it winning. The "winning" factor that Ebay provides is taking a tole on my back account. I have been bidding relentlessly on crap for the past week. I can't stop. I want to win! So far, I have been outbid on a lot of things. Thank goodness or else I would need a U-haul to deliver my "winnings." I have won two things. One is a fantastic shade of eyeliner that has been discontinued. Don't worry, it has glitter in it. The second item I was fortunate enough to win is a gem. I was at Best Buy looking at new speaker systems for my Ipod and I found an awesome system but it was $129.99. That was a little steep for my unemployed wallet so I decided to go Ebaying. Yes, I am a bidding machine. I got the exact same stereo system for $36.00. I may never leave my house ever again. I have also started selling stuff. I have made about $100.00 off of old crap laying around my house and reject-Christmas presents. is also awesome. I highly suggest checking it out. I have sold everything I have put on there.

Monday, December 24, 2007

What I Learned This Year

This was an interesting year. Looking back on it I realize I was able to accomplish a lot. Over the summer I was an EFY counselor and it was great. I really liked doing it even though everyone makes fun of EFY people. What can I say... we are crazy. Once school started, and my dad recovered from his brain exploding, I realized it would be one of the hardest if not the hardest semester of my college life. While working, writing for the Daily Universe, taking a full load of classes, mentoring, and serving in my church calling, I somehow managed to have more fun that I thought was possible in the suffocating town of Provo. Here is to 2007, a year I will never forget.
Things I learned this year...
1. Never, under any circumstances let Elisse operate Hooter...
2. The las Vegas Airport sucks.
3. My sister Allie is the favorite in the Family
4. The McDonald's on Bulldog in Provo will give you herpes
5. I can get a boot off my scooter like a champ.
6. I am living in the South someday.
7. Donny Osmond is the hottest old man out there and I will not die happy unless I have met him.
8. Hammocks are one of the greatest ways to relax.
9. You CAN get banned from parking on BYU campus.
10. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is awesome sauce.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Me and My Mentee

I have the amazing opportunity to be a mentor for a 10-year-old girl named Jessica. She is really nice and we get to do fun things together every week. Yesterday we got together with Benj and his mentee Mikel and we made Christmas ornaments with salt dough and them we microwaved them and painted them. They loved it.
I have really enjoyed mentoring Jessica and I am sad that I will be leaving to go to China but I will keep in touch with her through e-mail and letters.