Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eco Woman

I know you are all probably really sick of the "Green Revolution" but I happen to think it is very interesting. I am in no way a "greenie" but I do envy those who are rich enough to live in such a way. I would love to be able to buy all local food, spend hundreds at Whole Foods, and drive a Prius. The sad thing is, the media have made the idea of "going green" and turned it into a trendy thing. I have been doing some research and there are a couple things that we can do that don't require a major lifestyle overhaul, OR a raise. These suggestions will not be a surprise, but will help save natural resources, and money.

1. Turn off lights
2. Take a 5 min. shower
3. Fix up a bike and ride it whenever possible.
4. Do full loads of laundry
5. Put trash in a trash can
5. Buy products with as little packaging as possible.
6. Donate clothes, shoes, and household items to a thrift store, instead of throwing them away.
7. Drink tap water in a reusable bottle instead of bottled water. Tap water regulations are more strict than bottled water in most states.
8. Use rags instead of paper towels
9. Use cloth napkins
10. Eat leftovers

Monday, March 29, 2010

Netflix for the WIN.

Netflix: quite possibly the most amazing invention of all time.

I'm sure Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are trying to deny it, but Netflix revolutionized the way people rent and watch movies. Red Box was doing the same, but in my humble opinion, Red Box has missed the boat. Yes, they are convenient, but I can't even tell you how many times I have wanted a specific movie, and Red Box lets me down. Not to mention, I despise their "no late fees" disguise. I'm pretty sure I could buy a few DVDs for the amount of money I have spent on Red Box DVDs because I wasn't back by 7/9 p.m., or I forgot to grab the DVD and return it...for a few days/weeks.

Netflix is amazing. I signed up in a fit of compulsion last Wednesday, and so far I have watched 7 movies. I have received 1 DVD in the mail, but have been able to watch all the rest on my computer, straight from the internet. I have watched movies that I would never rent, and I ended up LOVING them! I will send yall suggestions every so often, because this is one subscription I am KEEPIN'!

So far, here are some of my favorites:

No Impact Man
Food Inc.
Little Shop of Horrors
Hannah Montana: The Movie (shut up. it is awesome.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Epic Fail

I have laughed more today than I have in a while. I had the most bazaar day, but it was hilarious. To start things off, I woke up this morning with the idea that I needed to hang out with my awesome friends Alecia and Anika. They were going snowboarding at Mt. Rose today and invited me to come along. I have been avoiding the mountain for a while for a number of reasons... The first reason being, I hate being cold. I like to be warm and toasty. I like snow, but only when I am throwing it at someone, rolling it into a ball to make a snowman, or eating it with tiger's blood drizzled all over it. Other than that, I don't care for snow. Something felt different about the day though. I immediately wanted to go with them when Alecia mentioned it was going to be a warm day. Warm, and Winter? Yes please!

I got out of bed and gathered all my gear (minus my goggles...I'm pretty sure JESSE stole them). I was almost ready to go when I decided I needed to put some oil in my car. I popped the hood, put some oil in, and off I went. I stopped for gas at the Shell near my house. As I am pumping gas, gasoline leaked out all over the place. Lovely.

Up at Mt. Rose, the weather was PERFECT. I loved it. I had forgotten just how much I loved snowboarding. The weather was great, the sun was out, and I was not cold at all. I was a little nervous that I would have to start over from scratch, seeing as I had not been snowboarding in over 2 years, but it came right back. Here are some pics for you!

Me with a sweet helmet and goggles that squished my face all day. Haha

(We were practically the only ones on the mountain!)

When I got home from Mt. Rose, I realized that there was oil all over my wheel wells. Mystified, I opened the hood of the car to see I had forgotten to put my oil cap back on, and oil had spurted out all over. I quickly took Allie's car to Auto Zone, picked up a new oil cap, washer fluid, and 4 quarts of oil...I never found the original oil cap.

THEN, I went to Old Navy to return a purse. It was kinda cute, but after I got it home, I just wasn't in love with it. Then, I went to a meeting for Girls Camp and after the meeting I couldn't find my phone. It isn't out of the ordinary for me to lose things, I manage to lose the same item over and over again. Anyway, I went home, found my mom's phone, and called the only number I have memorized, Coleen's. She was able to get me in touch with some people I thought might know where it was.... Welp, that was a big fat no. My heart almost fell out of my butt when I realized it was IN THE PURSE I had returned to Old Navy a few hours prior. I RACED there and on my way called to see if someone would be so kind as to go and find my phone. The nice girl who answered the phone found it. In the purse. On the floor, waiting ever so patiently to be sold.

I love my life.