Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update from the Jenkins house!

I apologize for taking so long to update you all like I had promised. I have been very busy with family coming into town, friends of my dad visiting, and dealing with the emotional roller coaster of this whole mess.

For those of you who do not know, my dad was diagnosed with very advanced brain cancer on Tuesday of this week. He had kidney cancer nine years ago and underwent surgery and treatment and it has come back with vengeance. . .this time in the brain. He has been acting strange for the past few months--very sleepy, non-engaging and impatient. We didn't know what was going on because these are very uncharacteristic behaviors of my dad. We thought maybe he had some sort of a chemical imbalance going on that was causing symptoms similar to depression. Turns out, we were wrong.

There isn't anything the doctors can do that would leave my dad in a state worth living in. We are enjoying our time together as a family and need all the prayers we can get. We have experienced such a generous out pouring of love from our dear friends and family members. It is overwhelming to think just how many people know and love our dad, and how many people he has touched throughout his life.

I withdrew from school for the semester and will continue back when I can. I am not sure when that will be right now... but it will happen sometime. BYU has been great in helping me get out of my classes, I hope I can get out of my housing contract as well... oh well. I have other things to worry about. Jesse came home and will be here for a few days. It will be hard when he leaves. We don't really know what the future hold for our family but we are blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and we know that families are forever. We will live with our father and our Father again someday. That day will be a great day.

Right now I am just trying to help out as best as I can. I am taking care of all my dad's medications and funny demands. The other night when he was still in the hospital, he called at 2 a.m. asking where is razor was. Then he called back at 4 a.m. asking for an egg mcmuffin with cheese. He never ceases to crack us up. He makes us smile and laugh all the time.

I will write again soon just to keep everyone updated. Right now things are great. We have a window here where 'the elevator is going almost all the way to the top.' Not sure when this will end, but we consider it our gift and will cherish it forever.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Things to do incase boredom consumes your soul.

As you can probably tell, I am partial to lists. I love them and can't do anything without one. This is a list I made in the event that I am bored. I am making it available to the world because I oppose boredom. Enjoy.

  1. Public Library
  2. Museum of Peoples and Cultures
  3. Take Pictures and edit them
  4. Go to the temple
  5. Spray paint stencil-pictures
  6. Hammock party
  7. Dress like a biker and go on a scooter ride
  8. Make homemade smoothies
  9. Bake a cake and doorbell ditch it
  10. Watch the Office
  11. Make a music video
  12. Make Clay pots
  13. Flower Bomb some cars
  14. Make a chalk target and throw stuff at it from the top of a tall building
  15. Water game-Like beer pong but with water
  16. Tennis
  17. Go to an art gallery
  18. Styrofoam telephones like 1989
  19. Fugitive
  20. Finger-paint with pudding
  21. Invent a new game
  22. Four square tournament
  23. Make up a dance and perform it in a public place and work the crowd
  24. Play “Who's that” in a restaurant
  25. Burn things with a magnifying glass
  26. See how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop
  27. Write a song about being bored and perform it for a random apartment
  28. Have a pic-nic in your front room
  29. Put on as many clothes as possible and take pictures
  30. Juggle
  31. Make a tire swing
  32. Volunteer
  33. Climb Trees
  34. Flip coins into the ASB or JSB fountain
  35. Put soap in a fountain
  36. Double dutch
  37. Bottle cap hockey with pens as the stick
  38. Popsicle stick puppet show
  39. Change your message machine
  40. See how many fast food workers you can confuse
  41. Hypnotic cliff jumping
  42. Dye hair
  43. Tube down the river
  44. Slip-n-slide
  45. Ultimate spoons
  46. Make toothbrush bracelets
  47. Make a pinata
  48. Press flowers
  49. Make ice cream
  50. Hide in a bush by the Botany Pond and scare people
  51. Throw water balloons at canoodling couples in the park
  52. Learn to play the harmonica
  53. Make chili and invite friends over to eat it
  54. Make a torch and burn stuff
  55. Go fishing
  56. Pool Hop
  57. Shopping cart races
  58. Dress up like hicks and go to Demolition Derby
  59. Shave a word in someone's back or chest hair
  60. Get a facial
  61. Freeze things with liquid nitrogen
  62. Buy live baby chickens and raise them
  63. Sew a quilt or pillowcase
  64. Invent new food combinations
  65. Make a fort
  66. Melt records into bowls
  67. Have a Lemonade stand
  68. Find a stray dog or cat and keep it for a day then return it
  69. Make a match head bomb in a tennis ball
  70. Light Artillery shells
  71. Ultimate hop-scotch
  72. Shaving cream sculptures
  73. Banana split party
  74. Put live gold fish in someone’s bathtub.
  75. Progressive dinner
  76. Explode a watermelon with M-80s
  77. Stage a ninja fight and afterward pass out cards saying we will perform at birthday parties
  78. Cheap Theater
  79. Make sock puppets
  80. Play the Wal-mart game
  81. Human Statues in the park
  82. Kiss in the rain
  83. Puddle jump
  84. Make an instrument
  85. Scavenge
  86. Write a limerick
  87. Make a paper press
  88. Gallon Challenge
  89. Talk with a lithp
  90. Sharpen carrots and stab people
  91. Fake sneeze on people
  92. Fake run into doors
  93. Spin around really fast while staring at your shoe then try to jump over it
  94. Make popcorn balls
  95. Make cup cakes and hide secret messages on paper in them
  96. Cup cake cones
  97. Saran wrap everything in your roommates’ room
  98. Write a letter to Santa and mail it.
  99. Breath fire by spitting powdered sugar on a lit match.
  100. Put Mentos in a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke

My bucket list.

This semester I am taking Accounitng 200 at BYU and it is an intense class. Hours of videos to watch online and many more hours of actually working out the problems for homework. I have been enjoying the class so far and I hope that I can get a decent grade. One part of the class is to try something new. I have put a lot of thought into this because I really want to try something awesome. I like picking up random hobbies every now and then and I think this is the perfect opportunity. To decide what it is that I will take up this semester, I have decided to post my secret list of things I want to do before I am too old and crotchety to do. Here goes:

  1. Hang-glide over the Swiss Alps in Switzerland
  2. Sky-dive
  3. Take Trapeze lessons
  4. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  5. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  6. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  7. Slide down a mud slide in Guilin
  8. Play Ping Pong in China
  9. See Wicked
  10. Pet a sheep in New Zealand
  11. Milk a goat
  12. Meet the Prophet
  13. Eat a fortune cookie in Hong Kong
  14. See the Sacred Grove
  15. Watch a performance at Carnegie Hall in NYC
  16. Eat a hot dog in Central Park
  17. Pose with a wax celebrity at a wax museum
  18. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
  19. Snorkel at a white sand beach
  20. Snorkel at a black sand beach
  21. Hold an octopus on the Great Barrier Reef
  22. Catch a firefly
  23. Buy something at Harrod’s
  24. Learn to Kite Surf
  25. Pick a coconut
  26. Send away for more pages to my passport
  27. Visit the land of my ancestors and eat pizza
  28. Go to Africa
  29. Be a bee keeper
  30. Learn to sail
  31. Run a race longer than 5K
  32. See the Terracotta Warriors
  33. Ride an elephant
  34. Kiss a dolphin
  35. Weigh 130
  36. Learn how to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards
  37. Learn another language
  38. Graduate from college
  39. Learn to play the piano
  40. Take Avery to Disneyland
  41. Jump on a trampoline, again
  42. Ride my scooter over the BYU bridges
  43. Learn to make real Italian food
  44. Meet Donny Osmond
  45. Run a marathon
  46. Perform the Hoedown Throwdown
  47. Fish in the Atlantic ocean
  48. Train my tongue to do that clover thing
  49. Get a Vita Mix
  50. Go spear fishing in the Caribbean
  51. Surf in Australia
  52. Eat fish and chips in New Zealand
  53. See Death Cab in concert
  54. Paint an old chair with ZEBRA
  55. Go back to 21 Choices
  56. Ride a Ducati 1098...tri color.
  57. Buy and Honda Rebel
  58. Go horse back ridding down the Grand Canyon
  59. Visit Nepal
  60. Go to Tibet and buy Tibetan prayer flags
  61. Dye my hair blonde, again
  62. Go camping