Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Girl With White Skates.

Reno. Ice Skating Rink. University wards. Awesomeness.

So tonight, we went to the Rink on the River. There were a lot of people there and it was a ton of fun. Despite my best efforts, I fell three times, but I did it with grace...you can put money on that.

I always find it interesting the quick change in the dynamics on the ice when someone with white skates shows up. For obvious reasons we will call this diva "White Skates". Obviously White Skates didn't rent them, which must mean she does this often enough to need her own skates, which then must mean that we are all a bunch of posers with no skills.

While others are shamefully exiting the ice in defeat, or pretending that White Skates isn't totally schooling everyone and skate on, I sit and stare like I have some lesbian crush.

Tonight, I asked this white-skate wearing diva if she would teach me a trick or two. She offered me some excellent advice.

White Skates can stay.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Incase you were wondering...

I think I may have discovered the purpose of blogging. An outsider/non-blogger might look at us bloggers and think we are all a bunch of narcissistic freaks. Well, I am here to say that we are so much more than that.

In reality, all our lives are just average. Even that one friend who is totally out of this world nuts, is average, too. Personally, I blog because I am too lazy to write in my journal. I also like to be able to say whatever I want to say and whether it be off color or not, I like feed back. My journal doesn't give me any feedback. I like to know that I have set up a system of checks and balances among my peers. If I am about to do something terrible like cut my hair in to a mullet formation, my wonderful friends will stop me, and gently prod me in the right direction. (I've decided on Reese btw. Thank you.)

I love to blog because I love reading other people's blogs. Because every one's life is so average, I take pleasure in knowing that other people out there have the same angst toward even slightly brown bananas as I do. (Shameless plug for one of my favorite blogs: FOL)

I don't really know why I decided to write about this today, and perhaps I will have to write an additional post later, but I have enjoyed sharing my opinion of bloggers. We are fabulous.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food Rations

Remember when you used to play Oregon Trail? Food would become sparse and suddenly, you would limit everyones food rations to "meager." Well, I am sad to say that due to Norm's expensive taste, he will also be receiving "meager" rations.

He will only eat this:

Fortunately for Norm, I am obsessed with him. Unfortunately for me, this food is about $30.00 a bag. That's it Norm...1/3 cup in the morning...1/3 cup at night. No mas....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey everyone,

So, here are some hair cuts that I think would be super cute, but I want to see what you think.

Reese: I have done this one before... but I still like it. I would probably go about shoulder-blade length though. Still "long" but not short...

Rachel: I like this one because I have these exact bangs already, the length is a little short for me so I would lengthen it a little, but I would also dye it dark like this.

Kelly: I like this one because of how thinned out the ends are. I think it makes it lay very nicely. I would also go a little bit longer than this.

Lauren: I just like this... I would have to grow out my bangs, but I could do that... I like the length.

So, what do you think? You must leave a comment. If you leave my blog without commenting, I will hunt you down. LOVES!