Sunday, December 18, 2011

Failure Club

Morgan Spurlock, you are my hero.

Click on this and watch it:

This is a video from yahoo so I can't embed it, but you need to watch it.

Now that you have watched it, what is your failure club?

Failing at something can actually be kinda fun. The experience you get, the friends you meet, the things you learn...all fun. Right? Maybe?

Well, I want to try something crazy. What should I do?  Since I'm obsessed with lists, let's just start naming things I would love to do as part of my own personal "failure club".

Move to Italy and learn Italian
Go to graduate school
Get a real job with a real salary
Move to a big city and start from zero
Be an acrobat
Learn to ice skate
Be an editor for a magazine
Write a book
Finish first in my age group in some race or triathlon
Complete an Ironman
Run a full marathon
Learn to dance
Own a mini cooper

Get a tan

All these things seem doable, if only I wasn't so scared of FAILING. So I'm just going to pick one... a small one to start out with... and I'll see if it's fun. I would really like to go to grad school, the only problem is, I have NO idea what I would get a graduate degree in. Journalism? English composition? Mass Communications? Public Administration? Help me! I'm going to start by studying for the GRE, and learning about application deadlines and pre-requisites and stuff like that.... wish me luck. Any and all advice will be appreciated!

Notice I didn't start with "get a tan". That would be so disheartening right off.


  1. I love this. So much actually that I stole it and posted it on my own blog.

  2. Ps we have alot of the same dreams!

  3. Um, you could move to DC. Just sayin...