Thursday, December 15, 2011

RIP iPod Shuffle

Out with the old... In with the new.
The Apple store really is one of the most fascinating places to shop. The workers are all hip and with it and probably pray to Steve Jobs at the beginning of each shift. People walk in there and drop thousands of dollars without batting an eye. I'm not one of those people. I was going in to see if there was anyway to squeeze life out of my overworked $49 iPod.  I literally saw someone walk in and say "I need 5 iPads" and then pay and leave in about 10 minutes. That's a lot of coin. I hope I'm on that dude's list. 

Upon entering the store, I was greeted immediately by one of these said hipsters.  He was cute, kind, jovial, wearing red for the season and his name tag said "Harris". I doubt that was his real name, because who would name their kid Harris? Anyway, I told "Harris" I made an appointment with the Genius Bar because my ipod shuffle was broken. I was expecting him to say "ok, go back there... they will help you" but instead he surprised me and asked asked what was wrong. I explained that it crackled loudly in my headphones and wouldn't play music. I think he realized this was a little bit more involved than he has presumed and he directed me back to the back of the store where I was supposed to find "Maddy". Come to think of it, he may have thought I was a dumb girl who didn't understand technology. Little does he know I have an iMac, an iPhone, an iPod Classic, Mini, and Shuffle, oh and a remote for my iMac so I can watch movies while in bed. I'm a seasoned Apple gal "Harris"...if that IS your REAL name.....but it sure was nice of you to ask... you probably have saved people a lot of time by helping them with little fixes here and there...presheeatechya!

I checked in with "Maddy" and waited in the sea of people. I was only waiting about three minutes when a very nice man came up and called me by name. He listend while I explained the problems I was having with my iPod shuffle and then he went in the back to see if he could fix it.

I said I had had the ipod for about 2 years... I was way off. I had had it for 4 years. That is a long time, and a lot of miles my little red running buddy and I have shared. Oh the memories. 

In just a few minutes, he returned. In almost a disheartened doctor tone, he explained to me there was nothing he could do. My iPod was out of warranty by three years and was pooping out for good.


I traded in the old one for the new one and they gave me some money toward the new iPod in exchange. I like Green Bean. I think we will enjoy our first run together tomorrow. Maybe I'll even run into someone who wants to buy me an iPad for Christmas...

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  1. I have a green bean, best running buddy I've ever had(only because we STILL have never been running together)! You'll love your little guy!